Cibophobia (Fear of Food)

Angela Marsden was ten years old in the year of our Lord, 1896. She came from a very wealthy family from Richmond, Virginia. She was an only child whose parents were very liberal with her as far as discipline was concerned. Angela was raised by a nanny, Bridget, who had emigrated to the United States from Ireland twenty years ago, when she had been a young girl of fourteen. Bridget had been charged with their daughter’s education as far as manners were concerned and, therefore, Angela grew up to be well-mannered and caring, despite her parent’s doting on her. 1896 would also prove to be a pivotal year in Angela’s life, one which would change her forever.

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Chapter 26 excerpt

What none of the men had seemed to notice was a blue Camry sitting across the street from the hotel with a certain off duty officer in it. Sergeant Ray Henson was doing his shift of keeping a eye out on the Anduiza Hotel. He had noticed the security guard, who was still in his company uniform, getting into his car. He knew that the man had made a call from outside of the hotel, then went in. He had also seen two suspicious men enter the

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